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Head of the Class Head of the Class
Earned for making A Division.

Introduced 04/01/2015

Players With This Badge (40)

PlayerDate Earned
Ethan Wade05/08/2022
Sarah Moore05/08/2022
Clark McCoy05/08/2022
Greg Guillotte05/08/2022
Dan Peters05/08/2022
Joshua Fischer03/03/2022
Ali Barker03/03/2022
Chris Webb03/03/2022
Amber Pierson03/03/2022
Colin Wood03/03/2022
Sam Hall03/03/2022
Kevin Rodriguez03/03/2022
Ken Kemp03/03/2022
Daniel Morales11/25/2021
Chris Musk11/25/2021
Brian Taylor09/23/2021
Kamber Kirchmeier09/23/2021
Andy Gay 09/23/2021
Emily Martin09/23/2021
Josh Tidmore06/24/2021
Chris Delp06/24/2021
Tracey Smith06/24/2021
Pat Everheart06/24/2021
Cloud Allen06/24/2021
Austin Smith06/24/2021
Travis Gibbs06/24/2021
Savannah Archuleta06/24/2021
Tom George02/19/2020
Aaron Kamelhaar02/19/2020
Riley Brashear02/19/2020
Chris Geist02/19/2020
David Whitlock02/19/2020
Cross Kirchmeier02/19/2020
Jason Palmer02/19/2020
Cliff Caraway02/19/2020
Brennan Steele 02/19/2020
Connor Briggs02/19/2020
Andrew Ortega02/19/2020
Mike Archuleta02/19/2020
Emily Nickles02/19/2020